Ice finishing Jackman Maine

Native brook trout caught on Big Wood Lake

Cross Country Jackman Maine
Snowmobile trails Jackman Maine


Trail access right from our cozy cabin

The northwestern mountains of Maine, is one of the best snowmobiling destinations in the whole north east. The areas snowmobile club starts grooming the trails around December 15 (when the groomer contract starts) and ends about April 15th, as long as the snow lasts.  For trail


Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing and cross country skiing are great winter activities here in the north . See and photograph wildlife, as you can sneak up on them better than on a snow machine.

Any Animal that is Antlered - Deer and Moose - lose their antlers every year and regrow them. They generally start to lose them mid-January (depending on the winter, they can lose them as early as late December or as late as mid-February). Then, they start to grow back, and they grow back fast, in the spring. Moose antlers are the second fastest growing bone in the world. When they start to grow, all during the summer, the antlers will be in "Velvet" (A protective covering of skin and blood vessels that is shed in the early fall). This makes for great photography.

Wildlife Photography

The Jackman Moose river area has some of the highest moose concentrations in the entire state. The time of year you come will determine how many moose you can see. 

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing for Landlock Salmon & Native Brook Trout

The Jackman area has some of the best ice fishing in the state of Maine. Some ice fishing can be done near town with a quick ride down onto Big Wood Lake, but for the more adventurous fisher, you can go by snowmobile to some of the areas remote ponds.  The fish we catch are brook trout, landlock salmon, splake, bass and perch.

Native Wildlife

Bald Eagles 
Black Bear 
Whitetail deer 
Red Fox 
Canadian Lynx 
Hawks (many species) 
Owls (of different species) 
Snowshoe Hare 
Ruffed Grouse 
Spruce Grouse 
Pine Martin 
Short tail Weasel 
Fisher Raven 
Various Northern Songbirds
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Winter is very popular here in northWESTERN Maine. We often get the first snow of the year in Maine, and I've seen it snow right through April.

On an average year Jackman gets over 100" of snow between November and April. 

Winter Recreation

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