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fishing at cedar ridge

2017 Fishing Season Dates

April 1st - September 30th
Some ponds and rivers have extended seasons with special regulations.

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2017 Fishing Prices

$1,050.00 for 2 fishermen
Price Includes: 3 days and 4 nights lodging and 
meals with a canoe.

Fully guided for 2 fishermen $ 1,950.00
Single person unguided is $525.00
Single person guided is $1425.00

6 day package for 2 Fishermen is $2,100.00
Price includes: 5 nights lodging and meals with a canoe. 

Fully guided for 2 fishermen is $3500.00 

There are both brook trout and lake trout in our lakes and large ponds, while our small remote ponds, rivers, streams, and brooks hold large numbers of brook trout.

Ice out and the smelt run coincide to bring on the land locked salmon fishing. Trolling sewn bait, live bait and streamer flies are the preferred and most effective ways for these acrobats of the fresh water. 

This area is truly a trout fisher’s paradise with fifty plus remote ponds and countless rivers, streams, and brooks teaming with trout. Whether you are an avid fly fisher, a master of trolling, a live bait fisher, a novice looking for instruction, or just looking for a relaxing day of fishing here at Cedar Ridge we have you covered.

Trout and Salmon Fishing