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Also, if you would like to hike Sally Mountain, Sally Mountain beach, where the trail head begins, is not far from the boat landing.   

plane.  We can set you up with a certified pilot when you stay with us or check out 

For those who enjoy easier hikes, there are many trails around the area, which lead into some beautiful waterfalls.  Slide Down Falls and Moxie Falls are two of  the most popular falls to see.

traveling 30 minutes from Jackman, you can take a ferry over and hike Mount Kineo in Rockwood.  Each mountain is unique in its own beautiful way.

 Plane Rides

Swimming & Water Fun

You can have fun and adventure right here at Cedar Ridge. The  heated swimming pool is open from Memorial day weekend until the heavy frost, which is around mid-September. Cedar Ridge has a regulation volleyball net and we see games go into the night all summer long.

The two hot tubs we open Memorial weekend (or as soon as all the frost is out of the ground) and close all of them early October. These are open 24 hours a day. We also have a horse shoe pit, for those that can throw a good shoe (or maybe not). There is some lake swimming available in the area. 

From the most experience canoeist, to the beginner, the Jackman area waterways have every kind water to suit your needs. 

Attean Lake boat landing is only two miles from our cabins.  Attean is one of our most beautiful lakes/ponds with sandy, private beaches you and your family can canoe to for a relaxing picnic or just to relax in the sun.  

There are miles and miles of other linked waterways for you to explore. Canoe's, life jackets, and paddles are free for guests. 


Hiking & Mountain Biking

Take our scenic mountain trails that lead to breath-taking views atop some of our spectacular mountain peaks. The Jackman area has some easy trails and more challenging trails. 

Hiking mountains close to us are, Sally Mountain, Bald Mountain, Number 5 Mountain and if you do not mind 

These plane rides are one of the best and most scenic ways to see the area.  You can chose to see the area either by float plane or wheel


A few years ago the state of Maine went to a new law regulating ATVing. To go ATVing in Maine you must "stay on marked ATV trails" This area has some of the most challenging and scenic trails in Maine. Hundreds of miles of well-maintained trails, leading all over the state.

No need to trailer your ATV to a trail, you can leave right from our cabins. 

Jackman ATV rentals: 207-215-9200 

For State laws and regulations go to You can register your ATV online with them or wait and register in town at a local store. 


Jackman Moose River 9-hole Golf Course This 1,976 yard, par 31 course with spectacular views, is one of the most challenging courses you can play at. It may not be as many holes as you’re used to, but guaranteed you will admit it's not your average golf course. 

The Jackman Moose river area has some of the highest moose concentrations in the entire state. Depending on the time of year, will depend on how many moose you can see. There are a couple of places in the area that we can send you to, that offer "moose watching float trips".

These are from either canoes, float plane or pontoon boats. Or for the more adventurous, you can take a private "Wildlife photography" tour with one of our professional Maine guides. Costs to hire a guide start at $200 a day and depends on how many, how long, and what is used for transportation. 

Please take note when driving up 201, Watch carefully for moose. They can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds, it's like hitting a brick wall. Their hair is dark brown/black very hard to see them in the dark. 

Wildlife Photography/Moose Watching

The Jackman area has some of the finest fishing in the State of Maine, with easy access to many of our best lakes. Both Big Wood Pond and Attean Pond have excellent trout and salmon fishing. There are 55 remote ponds with in a 15 mile radius of down town Jackman, which thrive with native brook trout.

summer activities

Native Wildlife

Bald Eagles 
Black Bear 
Whitetail deer 
Red Fox 
Canadian Lynx 
Hawks (many species) 
Owls (of different species) 
Snowshoe Hare 
Ruffed Grouse 
Spruce Grouse 
Pine Martin 
Short tail Weasel 
Fisher Raven 
Various Northern Songbirds
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Every spring and summer, clients and friends, catch trout in the 3 to 5 pound range.  But to catch fish like that, you really need to fish longer than one or two days. Fishing is fishing, some days you never get a single tug, then the next, they are hitting like crazy. Many of the remote ponds are fly fishing only but not all of them. We can arrange for you to fly-in by float plane. We offer Guided Trips for Trout, Salmon, and some warm water species. 

Please feel free to call for more information and pricing.

May through September in the mountains of Maine is one of the most scenic and beautiful places in Maine. Come stay in our beautiful, cozy cabins on your next vacation.  You will be amazed how much there is to do here In Jackman!

This area offers vacationers plenty of things to do that are fun and adventurous, all the while enjoying the great outdoors. Combine any or all of these fun and exciting activities with a cozy cabin and your vacation is well on its way. Come and relax by the outdoor fire place, enjoy a soothing soak in one of our hot tubs, or cool off from the day’s heat in our heated swimming pool. 

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Summer Recreation