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Guided & Non-Guided Cedar Ridge Outfitters specializes in hunting big game species.

Instead of hunting with the masses, we only take a few hunters per week, so that you can assure you'll get personal one-on-one service. You will not "take a number" here. The customer is our number one priority. Superb dining, excellent lodging and top notch guides, all combined with wonderful camaraderie-clients can be sure to have the best trip of their life! Getting the game is the icing, but having a good time at Cedar Ridge is certainly the cake. 

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Tom Hamilton 

I was born and raised in a hunting and fishing family. I have been a registered Maine guide for eleven years now. There is nothing else like the expression on a client’s face when their trip of a life time comes together and is a success! My favorite thing about guiding is the exchange of knowledge of the outdoors that happens on all trips. I learn as much as my clients do. 

Chris Theriault

 I have been an outdoor enthusiast my whole life. Fishing and hunting is my passion. There is just something about being in the serenity of the outdoors. I love nothing more than watching someone catch their first fish or harvest their first animal. I recently passed the guides test and finally can pursue my dream job. My experience comes from a life time of trips with friends and family. 

Chuck Theriault 

I have been a registered Maine guide for 29 years. I am an all or none kind of person. I say if you’re going to play the game give it your all or don’t bother playing. My goal as your guide is to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable, and successful trip. Stay safe and enjoy the outdoors. 

Mike Stevens 

I have been a registered Maine guide for almost 40 years. I would have to say Moose and Grouse are my favorite hunts, but I love all the seasons including fishing. Give me a remote pond and a fly rod any day. I like to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. 

Billy Walston 

I have been a registered Maine guide for 10 years. I am an avid houndsman and hunter, which is why I run the bear hound program for Cedar Ridge. My pack of hounds is one of the best around and our success year after year speaks for its self. 

Mike Featherstone

 I have been a registered Maine guide for over 20 years and am also an Alaskan guide. Give me a tent, a wood stove, some good company, and a big buck track and life is good. I have been doing the remote deer hunt for Cedar Ridge for many years.

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